I am a full spectrum designer & a no bullshit business consultant.

I am broadly interested and equally skilled.

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 Hi there !

My name is Dennis and I was born in 1986, a year commonly associated with the Chernobyl-disaster but more important…

probably the last truly great year before those pesky Millennials took over.

I’m – kind of – joking about that last one, of course. What I mean is that I grew up in two different eras. My (early) childhood was spent in a world without cellphones, internet and with cassette/VCR tapes and the goonies… But in my teenage years I witnessed the dawn of msn messenger, hotmail accounts and Nokia 3210 indestructible phones.

And now I’m an adult living in a world where I always carry a computer – with a touchscreen o_O – in my pocket, where we have self-driving and electric cars and where people on dates talk to each other through text messages on the phone…
And I’m able to build my own website but haven’t forgotten how to rewind a tape with a pencil…

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Dennis Stevens
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